It was the night preceding the first day of feast.
Such nights have always been known of their crowds, lights and delight in Aleppo city. That night was exceptional. I would look out of my window into a city dipped in darkness, where the lights of mortars and missals had replaced the sky's shooting stars.
Under my balcony walked little kids in the dark, carrying water containers and talking about water, electricity, displacement and weapons. Feast preparations was not one of the s

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Qudsaya Village Children Support Eastern Ghouta Children


“This is my favorite pajama, should I put it in the box too?” said Ehsan nine-year-old child, looking at his favorite piece of clothing. After a minute of thinking, he took it and put it in the donation’s box. At an initiative from Wissam, the psychologist of Qudsaya village, children of the village gathered clothes to donate them for the children who were evacuated recently from besieged Eastern Ghouta. It is the weekend, and the village is like a beehive. Some children packing clothes, oth

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Kareem returns to the bosom of this family


“What a journey, yea?” This question pulled the eight-year-old Kareem back from his thoughts and gave Firas, one of SOS reunification strengthening project members (RSP), a genuine smile. Kareem’s journey was hard. First, he lost his mother during the war. Then, as the attacks intensified in Aleppo, he fled the city with his one-year older brother Badr*, and with it their father with whom their protection rights were not respected. When the siblings reached Damascus, they lost sight of each oth

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A successful leg surgery for Walid


Walid* sat on the street-ground to fetch his ball that rolled under a bus just before voices started rising high around him. He got up only to see a motorcycle dashing towards him. Walid hit the edge of the road and passed out. Walid is a 12-year-old boy who lives in a non-residential warehouse in Al-Jumailyia region. His parents, two sisters, and he fled from Al-Firdous region after the destruction of their house and war aggravations that went through their city. Walid was a top student

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A Day in the Life of SOS Children's Villages Damascus


SOS mother Samar lives in the Qadsaya village house Number 8, with her eight children, from different social backgrounds.
In front of it is a big apple tree, which, like all of the trees in the village, was planted by the children.

Inside, the house is filled with the mouth-watering aroma of food being prepared.

Children are gathered around the television in the living room while mother Samar cooks in the kitchen.

Eleven-year-old Said and his

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Inas overcomes her abandonment


Mixed feelings! That was how Inas* felt when she saw the new baby of her foster parents. She was very happy to see that cute little creature but at the same time she was worried. Although she was only ten years old; she knew that her family could not afford to raise two children because they were displaced and have only little to live on. Moreover, she felt how much her foster parents loved their new born who came after more than 15 years of marriage. Inas’ fears became reality three months

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James' Challenges for SOS Children's Villages


James Brewer is an Athletic and philanthropist from the united kingdom. A small town located in the north east called Scarborough is where he was brought up. When he grew up he moved to London where he started a new life and a new job. James works with computers and does a lot of math during his day but that didn't prevent him from doing what he likes the most which is playing the sport. Like many people, James was affected by the Syrian crisis and how children's life became dangerous and sad t

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Baking cakes of hope


Standing in front of the mixer in her tiny kitchen, Nesreen went back with her memory to the kitchen of her old house in Ghotta (the country side of Damascus). That kitchen was a big one with every needed gadget to cook delicious meals. “What a rollercoaster, Eh Al Hamdolellah,” said Nesreen to herself. The sound of her children’s laughter pulled her out of her thoughts; it was music to her ears. With a content smile on her face, she continued to mix the cake to sell tomorrow. Like thousands of

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Where trust and respect matter


It is a busy day at the SOS Children’s Villages shelter for unaccompanied refugee boys in Athens. There are emotional goodbyes for a 17-year-old from Pakistan who is joining his sister in Spain. Children returning from school take a lunch break before going upstairs for language classes. And, in another emotion-filled moment, the staff have just received news that three brothers from Afghanistan who have been at the shelter for ten months have been granted asylum in Greece. In a country strug

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Together again


Khaled, Hazem, and Raghad are three siblings who live in Aleppo with their divorced mother. Their life was normal until the war broke out in their neighborhood. Days of disturbance hunger, and fear have passed on them. They bravely faced this all, with the hope that their small house remains safe. “We took all the pains of besiegement, but our only concern was the house. Mom spent a lot to make it a good living place for us after my father left with another woman.”, said 14-year-old Khlaed, the

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SOS Children’s Villages in Syria Celebrate the Occasion of Prophet Mohammad's Birth


 Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with Al-Arfi Culture and Heritage Arcade and on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad's birth, an event has been announced as "Syrian Heritage: Joy and Morality" for the children of SOS Children's Village in Syria, along with other children from different associations, the celebration was attended by the Syrian Minister of Culture Dr. Lubana Mashouh and a representative of the Syrian Ministry of al-Awqaf. The celebration included

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Yasser, brilliantly catching up on his Education


Syria was the land where Yasser* opened his eyes and lived his early childhood, surrounded by his parents, siblings and friends. The idea of leaving his homeland to start a new life in Jordan never crossed his mind. Until the unexpected Syrian war broke out, changing the normal course of the family’s life into forced displacement and uncertainty about what the present and the future holds for them. Displacement came with numerous struggles on the psychological, social, and financial levels f

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It's time to have a home


Iman with her sisters came to SOS interim care center before 1 and a half year, They were suffering from a bad health that caused by the hard conditions they were living after they flee their house in Damascus rural. They escaped with their parents because of the heavy clashes that were running in their street. Everything till now was bearable, but suddenly their father became very sick and lost his strength which led their mother to go and search for a job. a few months later, a very bad thing

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Rami, a Working Child


Rami* is a 10-year-old child who used to live with his family in the vicinity of Aleppo. Rami’s family experienced tragic days when the war broke out in their neighbourhood. They had no choice but to flee the area.   “I have six children to feed with little income to sustain them. Our small cottage on the outskirts of Aleppo has become a bad memory for them. Every time we mention it, tears fill their big eyes and fall down their small cheeks.” Rami’s father said. The father took his family

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Healing From Trauma


Youssef* is a 13-year-old boy who lives in Tariq Al Bab region with his parents and seven siblings. However, after having lost their father and young sister under the rubble of war-torn buildings, Youssef family decided to leave their house and seek Jibreen shelters. Today, Youssef is partly responsible for their sustainability. Shortly after Youssef’s family left, they heard about SOS’s Child Friendly Space Center. His younger siblings went there and enjoyed many activities. They were very

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Ahlam stands on her feet again


“ I have always felt angry and was shocked at mothers who abandon their children, I never imagined that life difficulties could push a mother to lose hope and do such a thing” said Ahlam, a mother of three children with eyes full of regret “ I am really grateful that you helped my children during the hardest days of my life” she continued. Ahlam separated from her husband in 2015 due to his cruelty with her and her three children. Shortly after their separation, the father disappeared in one

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Time to act together and deliver on children’s rights. By Norbert Meder Chief Executive Officer of SOS Children's Villages International


Born “in the spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity”, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is one of the most widely ratified international treaties and a powerful symbol of hope for delivering a better world to future generations. There is no question that this agreement, adopted by the UN on 20 November 1989, is a landmark achievement for children’s rights. It enshrines in international law the right of every child to be treated with

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Dania forging her Own Path towards a Promising Future


“I couldn't believe what I heard at the beginning. My father and grandmother were talking about sending me to SOS Children’s Village. I had no idea about the place they wanted to send me. I remember myself trying hard to hide my tears and pretending that I was asleep” that is how Dania, a 17 year old young girl living in SOS Qudsaya started her story. Dania’s parents divorced. Her father was suffering from bad health condition, and her mother left the country to live abroad, leaving her only

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Sunday 14/12/2014, one of the coldest, most rainy days in the city of Damascus; a date that will crown the efforts of three months with words of children pronouncing success.
A place that’s been empty since the beginning of war has now come to life with the whispers and laughter of children running around with a big smile drawn of their face and a bright spark in their eyes.

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From living in an old car to SOS interim care center


He was only 7 years old when he lost his father, it was very difficult experience for Samer as a child, especially that he used to look at his father as a super hero. For him he was undefeatable but now he is dead. All that turned his sadness into an unbearable anger toward every one including his father. Day after day Samer starts to miss classes, instead, he spends most of his time in the streets. To add a salt on an open wound, one day Samer went home and didn’t find his mother, she left, ju

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From Cairo with Love


Don't give up, we love you and we are praying for Syria those were their wishes of peace sent from children of Al Maadi Community School in Cairo, Egypt, to their friends at SOS Children's Villages Syria.Children of SOS Children's Villages received group of handmade cards crafted by children's little hands in Cairo, drawing their hopes and wishes for a safer home and a better situation.  Beside their hopeful wishes, a precious gift was collected from their own pocket money to send 60

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Children of SOS Children's Villages in Syria Take an Exceptional Journey with their Butterflies


As the SOS Children's Villages stresses on linking with partners to work together for the benefit of children, a group of volunteers from SARC visited our children to experience together an activity entitled "My Journey with the Butterfly". The journey targeted children from both villages of Aleppo and Damascus between the ages of 7 to 12 years old; it took place at SOS Children's Villages in Damascus on Wednesday 9th<

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Somebody misses you


“Amer , I have good news for you”, This sentence was enough to make Amer's eyes as big and shiny as stars. “Your sister has been looking for you for the last 2 years and she can’t wait to see you. She was very happy when she knew that you are safe” said Miss Wissam, the Psychological-Support Specialist in Qudsaia village. All the happiness that Amer felt at that moment turned into tears, tears of absolute happiness. Amer started to count the hours till he meets his elder sister, he barely kno

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Ahlam stands on her feet again


“ I have always felt angry and was shocked at mothers who abandon their children, I never imagined that life difficulties could push a mother to lose hope and do such a thing” said Ahlam, a mother of three children with eyes full of regret “ I am really grateful that you helped my children during the hardest days of my life” she continued. Ahlam separated from her husband in 2015 due to his cruelty with her and her three children. Shortly after their separation, the father disappeared in one

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Razan* and Iyad* reunify with their mother


Razan is an eight-year-old girl who lost her father when she was only six. He disappeared in 2016 and the family still has no news about him. This dramatic loss caused her mother severe depression. She was unable to take care of Razan and her seven-year-old brother. Because of the abject poverty of the grandparents, they could only afford the expenses of their daughter. Therefore, they brought Razan and her brother to the SOS Children’s Village of Qudsaya in 2016. Unfortunately, this happene

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Hanan determined to forge her own way in the world


Hanan is a 20 years old young lady, living in SOS Children’s Village Qudsaya. She had good grades in high school, which allowed her to pursue Chemistry studies in Damascus University. In addition to liking to study scientific subjects in school, Hanan also has a passion for languages like Japanese, and English, that she learns in a private institute in parallel to her university studies. The story of Hanan within SOS started when her aunt brought her to the village with her siblings at the a

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Saber*: Back to School


War creates tragic events that are beyond our imagination, like the story of the14-year-old Saber. The tale began 18 months ago near Aleppo, when Saber was walking around with his families’ herd of sheep in their house farm. Saber’s father was in Damascus to get fodder for the sheep. It was that herd that sustained the family’s income. “It was the most disastrous day in my life. I called on my brother, Sami, to help me with the herd. If only I forced him to get out of that room”, Sami chocke

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A home away from home for young refugees in Austria


As a group of children take a break from their homework to question why a bed is being assembled in their house, an announcement is made.  “I have some good news, this week we will get a new member of our family, a thirteen-year-old girl from Syria,” says Andrea Schritter from SOS Children’s Villages Austria. Ms Schritter is the manager of a house for unaccompanied refugee minors in Ebreichsdorf, Austria, which opened in October 2015 and is now home to 14 children aged between nine and 18 fr

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Listening to whispers of hope


“Finally, it is time to change my hearing aid battery…… Mom lost her voice trying to make me hear what she says,” said Salwa* slowly talking to SOS Family Strengthening (FS) coordinator after she received her monthly financial support. Salwa is a 19 years old young lady, has just got her secondary certificate. It wasn't an easy thing for her, especially with her severe hearing impairment which has significantly affected her ability to speak. Despite getting good marks that allow her to study at

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