It's time to have a home

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Iman with her sisters came to SOS interim care center before 1 and a half year, They were suffering from a bad health that caused by the hard conditions they were living after they flee their house in Damascus rural. They escaped with their parents because of the heavy clashes that were running in their street. Everything till now was bearable, but suddenly their father became very sick and lost his strength which led their mother to go and search for a job. a few months later, a very bad thing happened to this family because their mother disappeared and never came back to the shelter where the sisters with their father were living, no one knew anything about her and sometimes people were saying  in front of the girls that she died without even making sure of that and without thinking about how much such news could harm them. During these months their father started to receive medical support but nothing worked with him and was expected to die, that is why SOS children villages brought Iman with her sisters to SOS interim care center becaue there was no place in the village for them. The three sisters were deprived from education, have many health problems, very skinny and pale. Their first needs were medical support and medicine; they were very tired and had no energy even for crying. After one year and a half it is a little bit hard to recognize Iman and her sisters, their health situation has improved a lot, which appeared on their faces and turned their cheeks into the rosy color.Today, Iman is attending classes for children who were deprived of education for a long time, and she will go to school in the next year. If you asked Iman about her favorite subject in School, her answer will be “the Arabic language of course” but if you ask her about her dream job in the future, you will see a brightening in her eyes while answering “I want to be a famous chef, it is my dream”.             Sadly, no relative ask about these girls and their father situation doesn’t look to become better, all our efforts to find their mother led to nothing, and that means that they are going to stay under our care like many other children in our interim care centers. During the summer, Iman with her sisters is going to new village, it will be the perfect time for them to settle down and to have their own house. They deserve peace and stability after their long hard journey.