Participation of SOS Children's Villages in Syria in the National Campaign "Let's Learn Together"

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For its believe in the importance of children to receive education, and understanding it's effective role to protect children's rights and future, the SOS Children's Villages in Syria took action and participated in the Back to School national campaign, entitled "Let's Learn Together", in collaboration of UNICEF and the Syrian Ministry of Education (MoE).


Saving a generation from lost is the core goal of the campaign, the INGOs, local community and MoE collaborated in implementing group of effective projects to help one million Syrian children in different provinces to receive education. Mainly the campaign will be focusing on school bags distribution, school nutrition programs, schools rehabilitation and psychosocial support for children, in addition recreational schooling programs for children who are back to education after years of non-attendance and self-education programs.


The SOS Children's Villages in Syria distributed 6000 school bags contain full school stationary, aiding children to complete their 2014-2015 schooling year. By taking this action, SOS Children Villages was an active part of "Let's Learn Together" campaign. 


"Our participation in this year's education campaign was limited by only distributed 6000 school bags, comparing to the previous year's results where we distributed 16000 school bags." Stated Abdul Aziz Qassem, SOS Children's Villages Focal Point of the Emergency Relief Program in Damascus & its Countryside, who also said "the main reason behind this reduction is the strategic recruitment of available resources SOS Children's Village have, to execute the second phase of its Emergency Relief Program, covering protection and care for unaccompanied and separated children from their families due to unfortunate situation in Syria."


He also added: "The SOS Children's Villages in Syria worked for years on supporting Syrian children, provide them with appropriate protection and creating affective solutions for childhood conservation. Today, the association is taking a proactive part in such difficult times."


It is worth to mention that the SOS Children's Villages in Syria distributed 16000 school bags last year to children in Damascus & its countryside, Aleppo, Latakia, Idleb, Daraa and Qunaitra in partnership with the Syria Trust. Beside also accomplishing group of initiatives aim to ease children's difficulties due the harsh circumstance they are facing, mentioning Keep me warm campaign, Ediyeh Initiative, child friendly space and others.


The SOS Children's Villages in Syria focuses on providing long term family care and safe homes for children in need. The Association guarantees the protection of their rights and is committed to help them through group of programs, mentioning the child sponsoring program, Family Strengthen Program and other programs that aim to raise a child in stable caring environment.