SOS Children's Villages in Syria to continue Executing its Emergency Relief Program and launches the upcoming steps

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As caring and protecting children from abuse and exploitation is its core objective, and due exceeding expectations of 2013-2014 results of the Emergency Relief Program. The SOS Children's Villages in Syria announced proceeding the second phase of the Emergency Relief Program to help people who go affected by the Syrian crisis, the announcement was declared in presence of media, ERP management and senior executives of the SOS Children's Villages during a press conference took place at the Four Seasons Hotel – Safran Ball – Monday 27th October 2014.


In aim to protect children from being lost, the SOS Children's Villages in Syria put the ERP plan due to increment of affected children from the unfortunate crisis, a UN estimation of over 10.8 million Syrian are indeed of humanitarian aid, 47% are children, which equals over four million child left with no appropriate care and education in addition to separation of many children from their families.


Based on the figures, SOS Children's Villages build its three upcoming projects to help 26000 children to benefit from the SOS Child Care Centers, The SOS Child Friendly Space Centers and the Food Aid Distribution Project.


"Our responsibility becomes greater toward children in the globe during crisis, they are the primary war victims to face different shapes of exploitation in addition to illness and malnutrition which will result collapse of societies." Stated Rasha Mehrez, SOS Children's Villages International's representative and project director in Syria, who ensured: "All the initiatives and projects held by the SOS Children's Villages in Syria comes within UNICEF'S comprehensive campaign launched beginning of this year, we together meet same essential goal of protecting children's rights and strive on the application of its provisions correctly."        


On the other hand, Mr. Khaled Al Safadi, Emergency Relief Program Coordinator at SOS Children's Village in Syria, said: "We worked on lending a helping hand to children and their families last year by presenting necessary humanitarian materials and school bags,  but we witnesses many cases of unaccompanied and separated children from their families caused by the crisis in Syria, those children are facing cruel circumstances with no care nor receiving proper education, hence, causing inordinate tragedy in the future."


He added: "Since we work for children's interest, and our realization of upcoming crisis if we didn't take any action to protect these children, we've put our plan targeting 26000 child in some Syrian provinces through launching group of focused centers offering carefulness, psychosocial support, medical care, nutrition, formal and non-formal education, creational education for children aged between day one to 18 years old." 


The SOS Children's Villages in Syria will launch its first two child care centers in Damascus Rural, Yaafour and Saboura area, to be an integrated and temporary care centers targeting unaccompanied and separated children from their families due to the recent circumstances. The center will provide children with group of services such as carefulness, nutrition, education, medical care and psychosocial support. In addition to its main mission handled by volunteers and experienced team to track children's families.


The SOS Child Care Centers will be located in Damascus, Damascus Rural, Tartous, Aleppo or Homs to host approximately 100 to 150 child.


On the other hand, the mission of SOS Child Friendly Spaces will be providing psychosocial support to children who faced difficulties due the crisis in Syria by making them practice group of activities, in order to enhance social values and tutor them on how to deal with their issues positively. This will be made by organizing proactive activities such as storytelling, music, theater and drawing in addition to reading and research. The Child Friendly Space will open its doors in four provinces, Damascus, Damascus Rural, Tartous, Aleppo or Homs.


Finally, the SOS Children's Villages will be distributing food aid baskets to 5000 families benefiting from the Emergency Relief program, the distribution will take place in four provinces, Damascus, Damascus Rural , Daraa, Homs or Aleppo.  


It is worth to mention that the SOS Children's Villages in Syria is a NGO and nonprofit association committed on providing consistent family care and safe home for children in need.  Whereas, SOS Children's Villages in Syria is a member of the International Federation of Children's Villages, based in Austria, and spread out in 136 countries around the world.