SOS Children’s Villages in Syria Celebrate the Occasion of Prophet Mohammad's Birth

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 Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with Al-Arfi Culture and Heritage Arcade and on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad's birth, an event has been announced as "Syrian Heritage: Joy and Morality" for the children of SOS Children's Village in Syria, along with other children from different associations, the celebration was attended by the Syrian Minister of Culture Dr. Lubana Mashouh and a representative of the Syrian Ministry of al-Awqaf. The celebration included several joyful and useful activities: started with "TITA Batoul" – a traditional storyteller – where our children enjoyed listening to a small story about the life of Prophet Mohammad, followed by popular traditional old game "sword and shield", where our children interact with it, then a review of Arabian Horses and "Almylwih" dance show. Such participation by our SOS children in Syria consider to be a good opportunity for them to make new friendships and exchange knowledge through the activities they experienced. Furthermore, this would give them the chance to integrate within their society under the supervision of professional experts of education.