James' Challenges for SOS Children's Villages

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James Brewer is an Athletic and philanthropist from the united kingdom. A small town located in the north east called Scarborough is where he was brought up. When he grew up he moved to London where he started a new life and a new job. James works with computers and does a lot of math during his day but that didn't prevent him from doing what he likes the most which is playing the sport. Like many people, James was affected by the Syrian crisis and how children's life became dangerous and sad there, but he felt that he must do something to help them because he believes that no child should suffer like this, so he decided to help through doing sports challenges and dedicating all the revenues to SOS Children’s Villages in Syria. James fell in love with the villages and the people who work there. It is the second year since he took this decision which reflected effectively on the village and the children in Syria. James mainly participates in individual challenges. Last year, he did 8 challenges and this year he did 5 for SOS Children’ Villages, his next challenge will be in September. James considers the people who work in SOS Children’s Village Syria in such tough circumstances are the biggest motivation for him than anything else." The people who work for SOS Children's Village are fantastic and support me a lot, I read about the work done in Syria and it's incredible what you guys do in such tough circumstances. It's extremely humbling to know there are people out there who give so much. I find that side of it really uplifting” said James who founded a page for his fundraising challenges http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=JamesBrewer1. James is looking forward to come and visit SOS Children Village in Syria which will be the best pleasure for all SOS families there.