SOS Children's Villages Syria inaugurates its Temporary Child Care Center & Reviews ERP's Accomplishments

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Under the patronage of the Minister of Social Affairs, Dr. Kinda Al Shammat, and in presence of representatives of Damascus Rural governor, INGOs, local community, SOS Children's Villages board members and team, SOS Children's Villages Syria has officially inaugurated its Temporary Child Care Center in Saboura – Damascus Rural - for unaccompanied and separated children, taking place Monday 4th May 2015.  The ceremony was an opportunity to review the overall accomplishments of ERP's second phase - August 2014 to March 2015 – including three projects: Temporary Child Care Centers, Child Friendly Spaces, and food aid distribution & nutrition. "When there's ambition, there are accomplishments, we are proud to reach our goals and be successful despite of the many challenges we faced." Said Mrs. Samar Daaboul, SOS Children's Villages Syria's Vice President, who was delighted to see the results achieved. "Our main goal is to protect children from loss and danger caused by the on-going conflict. Today, we are here to share six months achievements of response to the increasing humanitarian needs. All projects and actions were set in-line of the UN convention of child rights and the ERP strategic plan." She stated. SOS Temporary Child Care Center is providing unaccompanied and separated children with protection, nutrition, education, medical care and psycho-social support. Its main mission is to reunify children with their biological parents or find what’s left of their family members. The reuniting phase is handled by well trained volunteers and psycho-social specialists who are able to deal with such cases. Recently, the center provided 100 children with protection and care, helped 46 children to go back to schools after being dropped from it. By engaging these children with special education programs in collaboration with the Syrian Ministry of Education, SOS is insuring to cover the educational gap they have due to the repetitive displacement. Last but not least, the temporary center reunified 14 children with their families under certain and official procedures with the authorities. Two other projects' accomplishments were reviewed:  SOS Child Friendly Spaces offer safe and positive spaces for traumatized children to practice a group of special designed activities. Located in Dwiela - Damascus, Kafrsooseh- Damascus, Aleppo and with the efforts of CFS mobile team, over 5500 children benefited from the activities, services and psycho-social support.  In addition, CFS project was part of "Let's Learn Together" education campaign by distributing 6600 fully equipped school bags to children in Damascus and Damascus Rural.    On the other hand, Food Aid Distribution and Nutrition Program sent out food aid parcels to 3000 families in three locations where SOS field team distributed 1000 parcels in Damascus & Damascus Countryside, 1500 parcels in Aleppo and 500 parcels in Homs. During the on-going field assessments made by SOS team, several cases of children's malnutrition were discovered and the need of activating the SOS nutrition program became an important step to be taken. The assessments revealed 87 cases of mal-nutrition discovered among 1000 families living in Damascus. Until today, The program helped 23 cases to be fully cured. Also in Aleppo, 44 children who suffer from mal-nutrition were detected among 1500 families. 22 cases were cured by providing them with medicine, supplements and suitable nutrition program. The rest of the cases are in process to receive intensive curing program.    "We strive to protect children and give them the care they need, this is executed by  our team's hard work and in collaboration with authorities and international organizations, in order  to reach several locations in Syria and lend a helping hand to children in need. The humanitarian needs are becoming more challenging and our quick response to save Syrian children from danger is critical." Stated Mr. Khaled Al Safadi, SOS Children's Villages ERP Manager.   SOS Children's Villages launched its Emergency Relief Program in Ramadan 2013 by starting the first campaign "All Together", to achieve outstanding results of distributing, more than 60,000 fasting meals in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo and its countryside, Swieda and Daraa. The campaign was followed by "Eideyeh" initiative which through SOS distributed new clothes and candy for more than 8000 children in Damascus and Aleppo. In addition to distributing 4000 milk cans to infants in Aleppo. In another initiative, SOS Children's Villages Syria distributed 16000 school bags for children during "My Right to Education" campaign 2013, in collaboration of the Syria Trust for Development, to encourage children to go back to school. Also in collaboration with Massar project, the first child friendly space center was launched in Dwiela' to support traumatized children and teach them new techniques to build their future positively. It is worth to mention that the SOS Children's Villages Syria is an NGO and nonprofit association committed on providing consistent family care and safe home for children in need.  Whereas, SOS Children's Villages in Syria is a member of the International Federation of Children's Villages, based in Austria, and spread out in 134 countries around the world.  -Ends-