From Cairo with Love

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Don't give up, we love you and we are praying for Syria those were their wishes of peace sent from children of Al Maadi Community School in Cairo, Egypt, to their friends at SOS Children's Villages Syria.Children of SOS Children's Villages received group of handmade cards crafted by children's little hands in Cairo, drawing their hopes and wishes for a safer home and a better situation.  Beside their hopeful wishes, a precious gift was collected from their own pocket money to send 600 USD to Syrian children.Gratefulness was the common feeling the children in SOS village shared together, mixed with happiness of having new friends. With the help of their SOS mothers they managed to make a big thank you card to send it back to children in Cairo, as an expression of appreciation."I want to tell them thank you for the beautiful cards they sent, I want to tell them that Syria will be better and we hope to see you here one day on a nice visit." Those were the words of Layla, a 7 years old girl from SOS Children's Village Aleppo.Trees, apples, hearts and Syrian Flags were drawn on the card next plenty of Thank you Words, children shared their crayons to use their favorite colors. "I am happy to have new friends; I want to draw something with my brothers and sisters, what should I draw!" Mohammed, a 5 years little boy, his gladness and excitement made him wonder how to express his feelings on a paper and what to say to his new friends.All children hold their big card and shouted "Thank you" while taking a homemade video of them, they want this video to be watched by their new friends. You can be a child's best friend by making their days happier. You too can watch this video and share our children their joy  

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