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Sunday 14/12/2014, one of the coldest, most rainy days in the city of Damascus; a date that will crown the efforts of three months with words of children pronouncing success.
A place that’s been empty since the beginning of war has now come to life with the whispers and laughter of children running around with a big smile drawn of their face and a bright spark in their eyes.

“WOOOW, We’re going to have a lot of fun here” (walla lankaief, in Arabic)

“Look my closet has a little mirror inside. It has keys too!” “This is a castle and we are going to be kings and queens here” “Oh look we can play basketball too” “Pink rooms for girls and blue rooms for boys” “The kitchen is huge and it has a special oven for pizza” “we will hang our family photos on the wall to make it look more beautiful” “it has a cinema and we can invite our friends to watch a nice movie” “we can have a Christmas tree in the living room. I think Santa would love to come here with presents” This is what 11 years Mouhannad, 7 years Mouhammad and their sister Elisar repeated when spreading the news to 20 children of different ages who  arrived to the new SOS Temporary Child Care Center in Damascus / Saboura.

A building that was rented and designed to provide warmth, privacy, protection, tenderness and love for Syrian children affected by three years of war.  The ones who lost one or both parents to be found wondering the streets not knowing where they came from or who is still alive of their family members now have a place to call home. “What are we having for dinner today mom? Was Mouhannads’s question to his SOS mother Samar. And the answer was roasted chicken.
“I wish all cold children in the world can come inside here with us. The place is very big and we can all live here together in peace.” This was 7 years Mouhammad’s wish when he first tried his new blue bed. After three months of preparing, trainings and workshops, six SOS mothers were excited to give all the love they have to warm the hearts of 20 children who were found in different areas of Damascus on the road wearing one layer of clothes and shivering in the cold while people around the world have started counting down for Christmas time. Christmas wishes have now jumped back to their hearts to be heard like tweets warming the cold place.

Photos and scenes of happiness were drawn in their minds to fill the chats of every group, making our SOS team all excited to bring these beautiful thoughts to life and watch all of it happening in reality. 

Children came with hopes and dreams of a distanced future that was hanged on the edge of a deep abyss. That is why we should all take responsibility of keeping them from falling and get them back to the life they deserve to live on the safe side where all children are supposed to be.