Somebody misses you

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“Amer , I have good news for you”, This sentence was enough to make Amer's eyes as big and shiny as stars. “Your sister has been looking for you for the last 2 years and she can’t wait to see you. She was very happy when she knew that you are safe” said Miss Wissam, the Psychological-Support Specialist in Qudsaia village. All the happiness that Amer felt at that moment turned into tears, tears of absolute happiness. Amer started to count the hours till he meets his elder sister, he barely knows her because she is his half-sister from another mother, but at that moment he felt her as his real sister. Amer didn’t know that a photo of him on Facebook during one of SOS activities was the reason that his sister could find him. But he knew that someone was looking for him and that made him feel very happy. The story started when Amer left his house with his mother and a brother, they couldn’t stay there because the situation became very dangerous, their father refused to leave his house and decided to stay in that area of Damascus rural that became besieged later. He was very sad that he left his father especially that his health situation had been deteriorated and had no ability to walk. After that, Amer and his brother lived with their mother and their stepfather in a rental room for few months. One day both of them didn’t come back. Their sudden absence put the two boys in a trouble because the police took them till they could find a solution, what made his elder brother feel scared and run away. After that Amer found himself alone in SOS Children’s village, he was only 5 years old. Today after two years and a half Amer meets his sister during her visits to his new home with his new family. It is obvious that he is now better, stronger and more confident. “My son looks exactly like you Amer, he will come with me next time, you will be close friends, I am sure of that” said Amer’s sister after giving him kisses on his cheeks. Unfortunately, the financial situation of Amer’s sister is not good and she is living with her husband and children with their relatives from her husband’s side, she was ready to do anything to protect her little brother but what she saw in SOS village made her feel that Amer will be better and safer in the village than in her house, and the only thing he needs is her visits. “I feel funny when I think that I am an uncle of Adel who is in my same age, I ask him sometimes to bring me water and pretend that I am an old man” said Amer laughing after becoming a close friend and brother to his nephew. Amer is one of 135 children who live in Qudsaya village, and his story was written from the womb reality and emerges from the situation that Syrian children have been living through Syrian crisis for 7 years.