Children of SOS Children's Villages in Syria Take an Exceptional Journey with their Butterflies

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As the SOS Children's Villages stresses on linking with partners to work together for the benefit of children, a group of volunteers from SARC visited our children to experience together an activity entitled "My Journey with the Butterfly". The journey targeted children from both villages of Aleppo and Damascus between the ages of 7 to 12 years old; it took place at SOS Children's Villages in Damascus on Wednesday 9th of July 2014.

As a start, children were divided into groups and been asked to draw their palms on colored papers to be trimmed as a second step and create a butterfly out of this shape.

Later on, each child were asked to hold up their butterflies and imagine that they are flying with it to any district they would like to visit, some of the children expressed that they want to visit their families, others described that they would like to visit places they never been before.

"When we collaborate with a strategic partner on developing our children, we achieve outstanding results by encouraging the children to become productive and motivate toward accomplishment, enhancing their imagination, ability on expressing their feeling and empowering their self-esteem." Said Wissam Al Dali, SOS Children's Villages education adviser, "SARC's work with the children is valuable and appreciated, we believe that this work will impact positively on our local society in the future, and that what we aim for at SOS as a long term goal." She added.

SOS Children's Villages of Damascus and Aleppo had put a plan with SARC of summer program and types of activities as continues partnership between them to achieve best results and impact on the children.