From living in an old car to SOS interim care center

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He was only 7 years old when he lost his father, it was very difficult experience for Samer as a child, especially that he used to look at his father as a super hero. For him he was undefeatable but now he is dead. All that turned his sadness into an unbearable anger toward every one including his father. Day after day Samer starts to miss classes, instead, he spends most of his time in the streets. To add a salt on an open wound, one day Samer went home and didn’t find his mother, she left, just left without saying a word. Samer cried thinking that he must be the reason why his mother left. He suddenly found himself with no parents and no home, he was clueless that started to walk aimlessly in the streets of Damascus, he used to beg for food and sleep in the cold streets. One day, while walking in the streets, Samer found a deserted old car with broken windows. His happiness with this found was like he wins the lottery. For him those old sponges covering the car seats were the best bed in the world. For days Samer was waiting for the car owner to come and kick him out but that didn’t happen. instead, this scrap became his new home that he returns to at the end of the day. The people in the neighborhood noticed Samer and his distress, so they started to give him food and old clothes. One day a man came to him and asked about his story. Every word Samer said, the man became so sad about the child’s situation and he decide that he want to put an end to Samer misery, that is why he called SOS Children villages telling them the story of the child. SOS responded directly and sent a specialized team to find the child and take him to SOS interim care center (SOS interim Child Care Centers aim to protect unaccompanied and separated children from their families due to the recent circumstances from exploitation, danger or being lost) Samer was overwhelmed by the kindness and the care he found in the center, it was the first time from a long time ago that he had a full night sleep. The warm blanket and the comfortable mattress felt like heaven comparing to the care seat he used to sleep on. Still, Samer felt as stranger at the beginning, he didn’t know any one of the children but with every passing day that changed, Samer is 11 years old today, he got used to the center’s system and started to make new friends, and one of those friends is Ahmad who became so closed to Samer that he wakes him up every day so they can have their breakfast together.