A life saving journey

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It was 10.00 am, Hadeel`s parents and the SOS health team members were standing next to the operation room, extremely worried, when the doctor came to announce the happy news that Hadeel’s surgery was successful.   Tears of joy fell from her mom’s eyes, as she could picture her daughter having a new life, where she will have a happy and normal child’s life. At that moment, she also recalled the time when Hadeel’s face used to turn blue after just 10 minutes of doing any activity, due to her heart problem! Now, because of the successful heart surgery she will be able to play with her friends and go to school as any child of her age.  Hadeel, 12 years old, lives with a family composed of 3 brothers and their parents, in one of the collective shelters located near Homs, after they were forced to leave their home due to the clashes in the city. “It was during our first visit to Al-Heseaa shelter that we met Hadeel`s parents and knew about her need for a cardiac operation, I realized that her life was in danger, and her case was a top priority for our health programme, as we focus on supporting those who need lifesaving surgeries” said Osama Ebraheem, Health Officer at SOS. On March 2017, Hadeel and her mother came to Damascus to start the treatment journey. “The first time I saw her, I believed she can recover. Although all the previous medical reports concluded that she had no chance of recovery! I took a decision to go ahead and do the surgery” Said Dr.Khaled Hamza, her doctor. A month after the surgery, our team visited Hesia-Shelter. At the entrance, the first thing that caught our team’s attention was a little girl playing hide and seek with her friends. That little girl was Hadeel. “ I was unable to hold back my tears when I saw her playing and laughing,  I am grateful that we contributed in drawing a smile on her beautiful face” Said Sarah one of SOS team members. Hadeel’s father reassured us about her health situation and laughingly said “I used to carry her, and now I cannot catch my breath following her”. Hadeel is one of 200 children who received SOS Children’s Villages Health services and lifesaving surgeries, during the crisis in Syria.