It was the night preceding the first day of feast.
Such nights have always been known of their crowds, lights and delight in Aleppo city. That night was exceptional. I would look out of my window into a city dipped in darkness, where the lights of mortars and missals had replaced the sky's shooting stars.
Under my balcony walked little kids in the dark, carrying water containers and talking about water, electricity, displacement and weapons. Feast preparations was not one of the s

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A Day in the Life of SOS Children's Villages Damascus


SOS mother Samar lives in the Qadsaya village house Number 8, with her eight children, from different social backgrounds.
In front of it is a big apple tree, which, like all of the trees in the village, was planted by the children.

Inside, the house is filled with the mouth-watering aroma of food being prepared.

Children are gathered around the television in the living room while mother Samar cooks in the kitchen.

Eleven-year-old Said and his

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SOS Children’s Villages in Syria Celebrate the Occasion of Prophet Mohammad's Birth


 Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with Al-Arfi Culture and Heritage Arcade and on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad's birth, an event has been announced as "Syrian Heritage: Joy and Morality" for the children of SOS Children's Village in Syria, along with other children from different associations, the celebration was attended by the Syrian Minister of Culture Dr. Lubana Mashouh and a representative of the Syrian Ministry of al-Awqaf. The celebration included

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It's time to have a home


Iman with her sisters came to SOS interim care center before 1 and a half year, They were suffering from a bad health that caused by the hard conditions they were living after they flee their house in Damascus rural. They escaped with their parents because of the heavy clashes that were running in their street. Everything till now was bearable, but suddenly their father became very sick and lost his strength which led their mother to go and search for a job. a few months later, a very bad thing

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Sunday 14/12/2014, one of the coldest, most rainy days in the city of Damascus; a date that will crown the efforts of three months with words of children pronouncing success.
A place that’s been empty since the beginning of war has now come to life with the whispers and laughter of children running around with a big smile drawn of their face and a bright spark in their eyes.

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From living in an old car to SOS interim care center


He was only 7 years old when he lost his father, it was very difficult experience for Samer as a child, especially that he used to look at his father as a super hero. For him he was undefeatable but now he is dead. All that turned his sadness into an unbearable anger toward every one including his father. Day after day Samer starts to miss classes, instead, he spends most of his time in the streets. To add a salt on an open wound, one day Samer went home and didn’t find his mother, she left, ju

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From Cairo with Love


Don't give up, we love you and we are praying for Syria those were their wishes of peace sent from children of Al Maadi Community School in Cairo, Egypt, to their friends at SOS Children's Villages Syria.Children of SOS Children's Villages received group of handmade cards crafted by children's little hands in Cairo, drawing their hopes and wishes for a safer home and a better situation.  Beside their hopeful wishes, a precious gift was collected from their own pocket money to send 60

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Children of SOS Children's Villages in Syria Take an Exceptional Journey with their Butterflies


As the SOS Children's Villages stresses on linking with partners to work together for the benefit of children, a group of volunteers from SARC visited our children to experience together an activity entitled "My Journey with the Butterfly". The journey targeted children from both villages of Aleppo and Damascus between the ages of 7 to 12 years old; it took place at SOS Children's Villages in Damascus on Wednesday 9th<

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A life saving journey


It was 10.00 am, Hadeel`s parents and the SOS health team members were standing next to the operation room, extremely worried, when the doctor came to announce the happy news that Hadeel’s surgery was successful.   Tears of joy fell from her mom’s eyes, as she could picture her daughter having a new life, where she will have a happy and normal child’s life. At that moment, she also recalled the time when Hadeel’s face used to turn blue after just 10 minutes of doing any activity, due to her hea

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