SOS Children's Villages - Syria

SOS Children's Villages in Syria is a nonprofit and nongovernmental, independent, social development association. The Association is committed to helping orphans and destitute who had lost their homes, their security and their families because of different circumstances, respecting varying religions and cultures, working in communities where our mission can contribute to their development and working as well in the spirit of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child, advocating and promoting such rights in the Syrian Arab Republic.

SOS Children's Villages in Syria was founded in 1975 under the patronage of the late Syrian President Hafez Al Assad and Dr. Herman Gmeiner, the founder of the organization, and registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs under No. 1002. The first village in Syria was opened in 1981 and continues to provide safe homes for children in need under the principle of long term child care. SOS has adopted the slogan "a loving home for every child" to continue to be pioneers in child care in Syria and the world. Whereas, SOS Children's Villages in Syria is a branch of the International Federation of Children's Villages, based in Austria, and spread out in 135 countries around the world.

Chairman’s Letter - SOS Children's Villages Syria

Mrs. Madiha al-Anbari

A child represents a tiny beautiful plant that needs a lot of care and attention for her/him in order to be able to stand on feet and cope with the life. Unfortunately, for different reasons, there are children in our society the life prevent them from having that family care feeling.

The idea of the SOS Children's Villages came actually from this fact; it was established in 1949 in the city of Imst, in Austria, an initiative to present a new unique global experience, where it has achieved great success in terms of children’s education and care that gives them the chance to grow up within a family-loving atmosphere. The idea expanded with its services and activities globally to established new associations in 135 countries, they are all operating on one highly developed, standardized and consistent system in cooperation with its regional offices and guidelines of the international organization’s work. All united under one single goal, which is to provide the best care for the sake of the child and its secure and to provide it with all necessary requirements of life in terms of a comfortable and warm home, food, clothing, health care, education, good parenting, and proper guidance until she/he can build a successful and prosperous future and become an active member of the society.

In this context, I would like to address the SOS Children's Villages in Syria and its official activities which began in 1981. Since then, the association had successfully managed to come up with generations of young men and women we are still proud of. The association works tirelessly on strengthen the relationships with them, and do not ever hesitate to provide support of any kind to any one of them.

SOS Children's Villages Syria provides necessary tools to its employees and develops their skills to achieve the best results; this comes in the interest of our children. Moreover, we are proud of all our employees at the national office, the villages and young houses, and admired their sincerity and commitment of taking responsibilities to the full.

Finally, I would like to thank all SOS Children’s villages Syria supporters including friends, sponsors, donors, and shareholders (companies and organizations) who enabled us to pursue our humanitarian mission effectively and successfully.