SOS Emergency Relief Program (ERP)

Due to the unfortunate events Syria is facing, causing many Syrians to leave their houses seeking for safe places to protect their children, the SOS Children's Villages Syria launched its Emergency Relief Program - ERP in 2013 in-line with its strategy of supporting the local society and based on its recognize to the vital importance of humanitarian and emergency relief movement in Syria.

The ERP of SOS Children's Villages Syria accomplished group of initiatives and campaigns to provide displaced Syrians with daily essential needs, mentioning the All Together campaign, Eideyeh Initiative, My Right to Education, Child Friendly Space (CFS), and Keep Me Warm campaign. The SOS Children's Villages Syria succeeded to give support and help in association of strategic partners

All Together Campaign – “Rahman Tables”

The team of SOS Children's Villages in Damascus worked to cover the nutrition needs for Syrians, who were forced to leave their homes and live in shelters or hosting families registered by the association. More than 30000 Ramadani Iftar meals were distributed to several areas in Damascus and its countryside.

Moreover, our team in Aleppo, along with group of volunteers has prepared 3000 daily breakfast meals during the last ten days of the holy month “Ramadan”. They were distributed to the Syrians, who are living in various shelters in different parts of Aleppo and its countryside. Furthermore, the association has distributed more than 3000 meals in both al-Sweidaa’ and Daraa’

A group of women from the beneficiary families, registered with the Family Strengthening program, participated in preparing the daily meals under the supervision of group of volunteering chefs to ensure that the meals are being produced on the highest level of quality. read more...

Eideyeh Initiative - (Feast Gift)

In order to bring joy to the hearts of our children and their families on the occasion of the of Eid al-Fitr, SOS Children's Villages Syria took the initiative to organize "Eideyeh" (feast gift) event, in which cloths, toys, and sweets were distributed for more than 8000 children in both Aleppo and Damascus. Besides, special Eid sweets were distributed to their parents.

My Right to Education Campaign

SOS Children's Villages Syria realized the difficulties faced by displaced Syrians, who were forced to leave their homes because of the exceptional circumstances the country experiences, by providing their children with required schools stationaries, since they can’t afford for such high prices themselves. Therefore, our team and in cooperation with the Syria Trust for Development, managed to deliver 16000 school bags consisted of all required school stationaries for students in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo, Latakia, Idlib, Daraa and Quneitra. All this was a part of the campaign, "My right to Education", which was launched during the month of September 2013.

Child Friendly Space (CFS)

SOS Children's Villages Syria and Massar Project, part of the Syria Trust for Development, launched their first Child Friendly Space (CFS) in Dwiela'a - Bab Sharqi. This project designed to provide psychological and social support for children who have faced difficulties as a result of the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Children participate in various planned activities based on their reality and needs, activities aimed to strength a set of values and behaviors related to the community, and teaching them how to deal positively with their problems. Moreover, the CFS will provide them with the necessary skills to be able to enjoy their lives normally and to concentrate on their future.

Keep me Warm Campaign

Keep me Warm Campaign sheds the light on the increasing numbers of Syrians living in shelters and their suffering from the harsh climate conditions in Syria. Based on that, the SOS Children's Villages Syria managed to provide blankets and winter clothes for 100000 individuals, 20000 Syrian families, in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo, Daraa and the Coastal Region.

Food Aid Baskets Distribution

The SOS Children's Village Syria distributed 5700 integrated food baskets in 2014 to Internally Displaced People in Damascus and its countryside and Daraa’. This step comes in response to the urgent humanitarian needs that require immediate guarantee of primary food supplies and deliver them to the targeted beneficiaries. And as the SOS Children's Villages Syria will continue supporting displaced Syrians as part of the Phase 2 plan for its ERP in 2015, the association will distribute food aid baskets to 5000 families benefiting from the Emergency Relief program. The distribution will take place in four provinces, Damascus, Damascus Rural , Daraa, Homs or Aleppo.

SOS Temporary Child Care Centers

The SOS Temporary Child Care Centers aim to protect unaccompanied and separated children from their families due to the recent circumstances from exploitation, danger or being lost. These centers are integrated and it will provide children with group of services such as carefulness, nutrition, education, medical care and psychosocial support. In addition to its main mission handled by volunteers and experienced team to track children's families. The SOS Child Care Centers will be located in Damascus, Damascus Rural, Tartous, Aleppo or Homs to host approximately 100 to 150 children.