Helped 16000 Child to Go Back to School

SOS Children's Villages in Syria distributed School Bags during the "My Right to Education" Campaign

Since education is a basic right for children to lead for a better future and to develop children's skills to become productive people in the future; and based on the difficulties on displaced Syrians to buy school supplements for their children due of prices raise. The SOS Children's Villages in Syria, in collaboration with the Syria Trust, launched the "My Right to Education" campaign to distribute in July 2013 school stationary and supplement to students, a step was taken to ensure their attendance to schools.

16000 school bags equipped with stationary were given to children in order to go to their schools and continue their educational path.

Mr. Maher Mnajed, ERP Coordinator in Damascus at SOS Children's Villages, stated: "It is the right for every child to go to school and get proper education, hence, we immediately set our plans and linked with the Syria Trust to support and motivate Syrian students to go back to schools".

"Our target is to reach displaced Syrians in shelters and hosting families in several provinces to guarantee that children received their school bags". Said Mr. Mnajed

As a step forward, the SOS Children's Villages will renovate four schools in the second phase of "My Right to Education" campaign, starting from Damascus to other provinces later.

"We are working on finalizing an agreement with the Syrian Ministry of Education to hold empowering courses or establish an open learning programme for students who are living in areas where there are no schools. We always strive on creating solutions to reach our goals within this campaign." Said Mr. Mnajed, who went on saying that the association's future plan is to launch the Child Friendly Space center, a joint project between SOS Children's Villages and Massar, aims to develop children's mental and physical skills, and to putting them in a different atmosphere away from the current circumstances in Syria.

SOS Children's Villages' first ERP campaign was launched in Ramadan holding the title "All Together" campaign, where more than 60000 meals were distributed in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo and its countryside, Swieda and Daraa. The campaign was followed by the "Eideyeh" initiative to distribute new cloth and candy for more than 8000 child in Damascus and Aleppo, in addition of distributing 4000 milk cans for infants in Aleppo.

It is worth to mention, that the SOS Children's Village in Syria is a NGO working on providing a consistent loving warm home for orphans, including defending their rights and providing them with love, security and healthy living standards. The SOS Children Villages cares of raising children in a stable environment, therefore, group of initiatives are executed to achieve this goal such as the "Family Strengthen" program, "Sponsoring a Child" program and many others.